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Rinaldi Sings — News and Live Dates

Upcoming Live Dates

Friday December 10, 2010
Rinaldi Sings + Kelly's Heels,
Hawthorne Studio
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,
Price: £8.00

Rinaldi Sings New SingleRinaldi Sings is the name assumed by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, who was famously described by the NME as a "cocksure 20th Century Scott Walker". He plays a stylish brand of pop that acknowledges a deep debt to the bubblegum northern soul of the late Sixties.

The second Rinaldi Sings album is available NOW from this site...

Catch them live in a town near you…

Tue. Nov 16 2010


Rinaldi Sings will be making a rare live appearance at the Hawthorne Studio, Campus West, Welwyn Garden City on Friday December 10, 2010. “After playing around the country with Secret Affair, this will only be my second gig of the year with my own band, so I am really looking forward to it,” says Steve. Sharing the bill will be good friends Kelly’s Heels. Doors will open at 8pm.

Thu. Jan 21 2010


After some time away from live gigs, Rinaldi Sings will be making a rare appearance on Friday February 26 at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Chalk Farm. Also on the bill are old friends Len Price 3. “I’m really looking forward to the gig,” says Steve, “as it will give me an opportunity to test drive my new live band.” Bob Kelly of Kelly’s Heels remains in the line-up as guitarist, and drummer Richard Hunter returns after an absence of several years.

Fri. Oct 3 2008


Rinaldi Sings will be playing a special double header with good friends Squire on Saturday November 1 at the Fiddler’s Elbow in Chalk Farm as part of the venue’s monthly ‘In The City’ nights. It is likely that the gig will be the only Rinaldi Sings appearance in London this year.

Wed. May 28 2008


The official release date of the new Rinaldi Sings album, ‘Bingo’, will be August 4, 2008. From that point it will be available from all good record shops, websites such as, and mail-order catalogues, plus it will be available for download via iTunes and most download outlets. Until that point, it will still be possible to order the album directly from this website.

Thu. Apr 24 2008


The new Rinaldi Sings album has finally been completed and after several delays settling on the final sleeve design, it looks set to be released in May 2008 and will definitely be available by the time the band play at the IPO Festival in Liverpool. Entitled ‘Bingo’, the album will feature 11 new songs composed by Steve Rinaldi, some of which have seen showcased at the Rinaldi Sings live shows so far this year. “I’m really pleased with the album,” admits Steve, “but the hardest part was choosing which 11 songs would make the album of the 15 we actually recorded.”

1 You Take Me There
2 You Got Me Believing
3 End Of An Error
4 Bingo
5 The Only Show In Town
6 Pick Me Up Or Put Me Down
7 Welcome
8 Come As You Are, You’re A Star
9 She Don’t Know
10 Goodbye Steve McQueen
11 Where Did It All Go Wrong Mr Best?

Wed. May 9 2007

The Cavern Pub, Liverpool

The first of two shows on the same days, this is an afternoon appearance as part of Liverpool’s week-long IPO Festival. Other acts on the bill of an all-day line-up include former Dodgy singer Nigel Clark and Kelly’s Heels.

The Cavern Pub,
5 Mathew Street,

L2 6RE
Onstage: 11.45pm

The Cavern Pub, Liverpool

The first of two shows on the same days, this is an afternoon appearance as part of Liverpool’s week-long IPO Festival. Other acts on the bill of an all-day line-up include former Dodgy singer Nigel Clark and Kelly’s Heels.

The Cavern Pub,
5 Mathew Street,

L2 6RE
Onstage: 1.45pm

Admission: free

Mon. May 7 2007


After several months in the studio, the second Rinaldi Sings album is finally nearing completion. “Most of the parts are recorded now,” says Steve Rinaldi. “I’ve just got to finish recording the brass parts, a little bit of cello and Rowan has to come in to lay down her backing vocals, and then we’ll be ready to start mixing. It’s sounding really good.”

The session has featured guest appearances from many musicians, such as Bob Kelly of Kelly Heels and guitarist Dave Cairns. It has also included the recording of a cover version of the Jetset’s ‘Do You Wanna Be In The Show’ for a Jetset tribute album that will be released in the USA later this year. “That was fun to do,” admits Steve. “The Jetset are one of my favourite bands. I was lucky enough to work with Paul Bevoir on my first album and it’s been a pleasure to record one of his best songs for this tribute album.”

“We’ve recorded 16 songs so far, including 14 of my own songs, plus ‘Do You Wanna Be In The Show’ and one other cover version,” add Steve. “The only problem at the moment is to decide which are the best 12 songs for the album.”

While the recording has been ongoing, Steve has been rehearsing for some live shows, with a new live line-up of the band debuting at The Cavern in Liverpool on May 25, as part of the IPO Festival.

Wed. Nov 29 2006


Steve Rinaldi has been in the studio for the last month working on tracks for the second Rinaldi Sings album, as yet unititled. “We’re working on 15 new songs at the moment and so far we’ve laid down drums and bass for 11 of them and added guitar and keyboards to some of them.” Jel Lee of The Affair has contributed guitar to the recordings, while Edward Ball has also visited the sessions the help out. “I’m sorry it’s been taking so long, but we plan to have it finished early next year and then we’ll hit the live stage again. It’ll be good to play some of the new songs.”

Thu. Mar 16 2006


Steve Rinaldi is still busy demoing songs for the second Rinaldi Sings album. “The album should be finished later this year,” says Steve. “I’ve started work on a follow-up song to ‘Lucky Day’, kind of adressing what are Holly, Sophie, Scottie Walker and Tommy Watson doing now. I’ve had lots of people saying how much they like that particular song and I thought it would be an interesting idea to see how their characters have developed in the last year or so.”

‘Lucky Day’ recently won the listeners vote on the UK Unsigned Show podcast. The show, which averages 700 downloads for each podcast, conducted a poll of the most popular song on it’s first ten podcasts and ‘Lucky Day’ was the clear winner. Steve has provided a message of thanks to be broadcast on the show this week.

Steve’s most recent stage appearance was guesting for Ian Page and The Affair in London on March 11. “I got my trombone out for the day,” says Steve. “The show was really well attended and the band were on top form. It was also great to hear Fay Hallam playing a set of songs from her recently released album. It was the first time I’d heard most of the songs and I really enjoyed them and I ordered the album the next day. Jel Lee from the Affair is also playing guitar on the recording. With his commitment to play on my second album he is becoming a bit of a guitar for hire at the moment. I had a few people ask about the recent inactivity of the Rinaldi Sings live outfit and I could only express my regret that at the moment the album is having to take precedence over live work, but we will be back!”

Steve also managed to catch a rare live appearance by Edward Ball, director of the Rinaldi Sings video for ‘Avenues & Alleyways’. “I really enjoyed seeing The Times gig at the Boston Arms in Tuffnel Park and it was great to catch up with two friends, Matthew Wiles and Bob Kelly - both are artists I admire tremendously and they were guesting in Ed’s band. Ed was on great form and there is a possibility that he might be getting involved in the recording of the album. It was also good to see Misty on backing vocals - she was in the video that Ed made for Avenues and Alleyways. She looked as fetching as ever in her black PVC catsuit!”

Fri. Jan 27 2006


Check out Rinaldi Sings on the Jersey Todd Show, a fantastic new podcast that’s a mix of music and offbeat New Jersey humour, courtesy of “a New York lawyer with a warped mind”. We highly reccomend it and you can download the Podcast at Jersey Todd Show.

‘Lucky Day’, meanwhile, is featured on an interesting podcast called The UK Unsigned Show. It features a great mix of up and coming music talent from around the country. You can check it out at The UK Unsigned Show. Support this and other podcasts. They’re a great way to hear new music.

Sat. Jan 21 2006


Podcasts are a fantastic new medium to check out new and different kinds of music. Rinaldi Sings have recently featured on yet another Podcast of new indie music. The Canadian based website Indie Launchpad has included the album version of ‘Come Fly With Me’ alongside music by Chance, 3 Blind Mice and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. You can download the Podcast at Indie Launchpad.

You can also hear ‘Happy’ on a Dutch podcast that’s a mix of music, humour and the strange. You can download it at Mark Baars’ Podcast.

Fri. Jan 20 2006


With the Rinaldi Sings live band off the road for a while, it may have seemed like nothing’s been happening. But Steve Rinaldi has been keeping busy writing the second album. Here’s a few words from the man himself to tell you what he’s been up to.

“The songwriting for the second album is coming on a pace and I’ve been locked away over christmas and New Year writing and demoing. Apologies to all of you who’d like to see us play live but the gigging has had to be put on hold for the past couple of months while I work on the songs. I’ve got about three-quarters written so far. ‘What’s It All About?’ was recorded in three stints in the studio. This time we want the album to be recorded in one hit, so all the songs for the album as well as b sides need to be written and fully arranged before we go into the studio.

“I’m really pleased with the songs so far. I was so amazed with how ‘What’s It All About?’ sounded that I was a little worried about being able to make the next one as good. But I can’t wait to start the recording proper as I’m really excited with the songs demoed so far and I can already hear three or four singles amongst them. I’m looking forward to having Jel Lee of The Affair add his guitar playing to the Rinaldi Sings sound in the studio.

“On December 23 I had the great pleasure of putting down the vocal mic and picking up my trombone to play with Ian Page and The Affair at The Standard in Walthamstow. Because of Rinaldi Sings commitments, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play with them.The last time was at the 100 club and that was quite some time ago. They are a great live band and Ian’s singing is always superb, and he was in top form again.

“I hope you all have a great 2006 - I promise that Rinaldi Sings will!”

Fri. Nov 25 2005


Check out another webzine review of the Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’. With a glowing 9 out of 10 rating, the IndieLaunchpad site says “The majority of artists seem to lose their accents when they sing. For Steve Rinaldi this is not the case, but that only adds to the charm of this record. ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ has such a classic sound, it’s hard to believe it’s less than a year old.”

Sun. Nov 20 2005


Word keeps spreading around the web about the Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’. Two recent webzine reviews have sung the praises of the album. “Within the current pop landscape, ‘What’s It All About?’ is unique,” writes “By referencing swinging London in both his music and his style, Rinaldi is reviving whatever it was that engendered the enormous response to The Beatles and their ilk. Fortunately, he has the benefit of modern ironic detachment, which makes his clear passion for the music seem genuine.”Another web review, on says: “This cd kinda took me by surprise. It has a jazzy bubblegum, almost kitschy pop sound full of jaunty horns, strings, soulful backing vocals and of course Rinaldi’s croon - what’s surprising is that I kind of like it! The sound is somewhere between the Foundations and the Divine Comedy!” And for those of you who can read Spanish, check out the review on

Steve Rinaldi, meanwhile, is busy writing and demoing songs for the second Rinaldi Sings CD. With about two thirds of the album written, the plan is to go back into the studio early in the New Year - but Steve is determined not to rush the process as he wants to ensure the new material lives up to the high standards he has already set himself with ‘What’s It All About?’. Steve has even been run through his paces on one song by former Dance Network producer Paul Bultitude, who has spent a couple of days with Steve helping to develop arrangements on a song called ‘Come As You Are, You’re A Star’.

Mon. Oct 3 2005


Steve Rinaldi will be making his first acoustic appearance at the Man On The Moon in Cambridge this Wednesday (October 5). Accompanied by Tim Pannell on guitar, Steve will play minimalist versions of songs from his ‘What’s It All About?’ album, and will be debuting new songs scheduled to feature on the second Rinaldi Sings album. Steve will be onstage at about 10pm and his performance will include new songs ‘Give Me All Of Your Love’ and ‘She Don’t Know She’s There’. Steve is currently busy demoing songs for the new album and recording sessions will start soon. For those missing the full Rinaldi Sings line-up, don’t worry - a series of gigs will be arranged before the end of the year.

Thu. Sep 8 2005


The reviews keep coming for the Rinaldi Sings debut album ‘What’s It All About?’. The latest, featured on the American based website, describes the songs as “insanely catchy”. It’s an interesting review that’s worth a read, and overall Steve Rinaldi is pretty happy with it. To check out the review go to

You can also find a favourable review of the album in August’s issue of Shindig magazine: “Rinaldi has created an album as joyfully retro as can be. The sound is big, bright, upbeat, danceable and cheerful…” To read the review in full go to

Japanese website also carries a glowing review of the album this week: “‘What’s It All About?’ is easily the newest, freshest staple soundtrack of faith, hope and effervescent fun that effortlessly throws you swiftly back into the heyday world of cocktails and fitted suits,” reads the review. “Like anything good, this resoundingly reminds you that you’re alive.” For the full review go to

Wed. Aug 31 2005


Just like buses you wait for ages for a Podcast to feature your music and then two come along at once; Rinaldi Sings have been featured on a second Podcast this month. Coverville, an American website that the BBC recently ranked as one of the world’s six best amatuer Podcasters, has included the Rinaldi Sings version of ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ on its latest show. Coverville specialises in grouping together new and interesting cover versions of classic tunes, and the Rinaldi Sings tribute to Tony Christie is featured on Coverville Show No.126 alongside cover versions of The Beatles, A-Ha, The Church, ELO and They Might Be Giants. To listen go to

Mon. Aug 22 2005


Rinaldi Sings have finally come into the world of the ‘Podcast’. For those of you not in the know, ‘podcasts’ are pre-recorded radio shows that you can download or listen to online. ‘Lucky Day’ has been selected from literally thousands of songs available to buy through Not Lame, one of the main US mailorder outlets for power pop and guitar music. The Rinaldi Sings album track features alongside seven other songs on the third Not Lame podcast. Also included are Kelly’s Heels, who have often shared a stage with Rinaldi Sings. Having listened to the 30-minute show I can say that presenter Brian Ibbott has picked some truly excellent songs and the show is really is well worth a listen - it seems like a great way to sample new music. Go to and click on the Podcast icon on the right of the page.


Rinaldi Sings are featured on a new compilation album on sale this month. Red Star Recordings have finally released their Various Artists collection, ‘Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins’, featuring cover versions of songs by the 80s agit-popsters. The CD features bands from all over the world and Rinaldi Sings contribute one track to the compilation, a stripped down rendition of the Redskins’ album track ‘Hold On’. You can order the CD from Red Star Recordings, from all the usual CD mail-order outlets, or you can buy it NOW from the Rinaldi Sings website for 9 (inc. P&P).

Sun. Aug 7 2005


With radio shows in Serbia, Portugal and America regularly playing tracks by Rinaldi Sings, it’s really good to see that the trend continues. For the second time in two weeks the band will be one of the featured artists on Japanese radio station Shonan Beach FM. On Friday August 12 the Yellow Beat show will be running the final feature introducing the ‘What’s It All About?’ album to their listeners. Shonan Beach is located just outside Tokyo and the show, which runs from 8pm-10pm Japanese time (UK: midday-2pm), will once again be opening up with ‘Happy’, and at approximately 9.07pm Japanese time (UK: 1.07pm) several tracks from ’side two’ of the album will be played. The chosen tracks are: ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’, ‘Melody’, ‘Come Again’ and ‘Heaven Knows’. Steve Rinaldi has recorded another special message for broadcast as part of the feature, testing his Japanese this time. The show broadcasts in both Japanese and English and can be listened to locally in the Shonan Beach area of Japan on 78.9MHz. It is also possible to listen to the show online

Sun. Jul 24 2005


Rinaldi Sings will be one of the featured artists on Japanese radio station Shonan Beach FM on Friday July 29. The Yellow Beat show will be running the first of two programmes introducing the ‘What’s It All About?’ album to their 200,000 listeners. The show, which runs from 8pm-10pm Japanese time (UK: midday-2pm), will open up with a first playing of ‘Happy’, and the album will be featured in greater detail at approximately 9.12pm Japanese time (UK: 1.12pm), when they will be playing ‘On A Magic Carpet Ride’, ‘Rollercoaster’, ‘You’re Alive’ and ‘Lucky Day’, plus a special recorded message from Steve Rinaldi. The remaining tracks from the album are scheduled to be broadcast as part of the Yellow Beat show on August 12. The show broadcasts in both Japanese and English and can be listened to locally in Japan on 78.9MHz. It is also possible to listen to the show online

Sat. Jul 23 2005


Rinaldi Sings will continue to promote the ‘What’s It All About?’ album with an appearance on BBC Radio Humberside on Monday July 25. Steve Rinaldi will be talking about the album and performing songs live accompanied by Tim Pannell on guitar. They will be on air at approximately 2.30pm and you can listen live on the BBC website

Steve will also be taking the opportunity to perform a scaled down version of the Rinaldi Sings set at an acoustic evening at the Man On The Moon in Cambridge on October 5. Again backed on guitar by Tim Pannell, Steve will perform a specially adapted 30 minute set of Rianldi Sings songs.

Sun. Jul 3 2005


Those of you who already have the Mod Aid 20 single will know that the video is available as part of the CD single package. But for those of you who want to have a little look at it before you buy the single, you can now watch it on the RINALDI SINGS website. Rinaldi Sings were one of the many bands who contributed to the making of the single and the video is now available to watch online by going to the FEATURES section of this site.

Fri. Jun 24 2005


If you’re watching to TV coverage of Glastonbury at the weekend, keep an eye out for Rinaldi Sings guitarist Chris Borsberry. Chris is currently spending three months in the band of Thai rock sensation Sek Loso, who will be playing on the John Peel stage of the Glastonbury festival on Sunday. But don’t look for Chris on guitar. As the band already includes former Oasis mainstay Bonehead on guitar, Chris will be playing bass. On the same evening as playing Glastonbury, the Sek Loso band will also take part in the Meltdown Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, before heading off for a month long tour of the USA. We hope Chris has a fantastic time and in the meantime Tim Pannell will continue to do a sterling job of keeping Chris’s guitar amp warm for him!

Tue. Jun 21 2005


Rinaldi Sings have a busy weekend as they will be playing two gigs. If you’re thinking of attending, all the information you should need is as follows. On Saturday (June 25) the band will be playing at the Bullingdon Arms (The Bully) in Oxford. The address of the venue is 162 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UE and doors open at 9pm. Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at approximately 11pm. The band will be playing an extended set and debuting a new song.

On Sunday (June 26) Rinaldi Sings will be playing at the ‘Come Together’/Mod Aid 20 charity concert at the South Parade Pier, Portsmouth. Doors open at 3pm and Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at 8.50pm, sandwiched between Small World (8.15pm) and headline attraction Mark Joseph (9.30pm). Bands on the bill earlier in the day include Grasp, RT4 and Fay Hallam. The Rinaldi Sings line-up for Sunday will be the extended eight-piece ensemble, with Rowan making one of her intermittent appearances on backing vocals and two trumpet players completing a four-piece brass section for the evening. Alan Groom will be making his debut with the band on trumpet - formerly a live member of The Moment, Alan was also the featured trumpet player on the band’s single ‘One, Two They Fly’.

Wed. Jun 8 2005


With Rinaldi Sings guitarist Chris Borsberry out of the country for several months, the recent gigs at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool saw the band’s trumpet player Tim Pannell switch to lead guitar. “Tim sometimes plays rhythm guitar on songs when he’s not playing trumpet, but in Liverpool he did a really good job of keeping Chris Borsberry’s seat warm,” said Steve Rinaldi. “He also played guitar on our recent BBC Radio Suffolk session when Chris wasn’t available.”

At the first of the two shows in Liverpool, Tim’s trumpet parts were covered by the addition of soprano sax player Scott Brooker, playing alongside Andy Brush on tenor sax (Scott was making his second appearance with the band as he had previously stood in when Andy Brush was out of the country with The Affair). For the headlining show at The Cavern later the same evening, Gavin Bowyer joined the band on trumpet, making this the first Rinaldi Sings performance to boast a four-piece brass section.

In the past drummer Richard Hunter has appeared live with the band on percussion, leaving only bassist Simon Lloyd and sax player Andy Brush yet to play more than one instrument for Rinaldi Sings.

Fri. May 27 2005


For those in and around Liverpool this Sunday (May 29), remember that Rinaldi Sings will be playing TWO gigs as part of the annual International Pop Overthrow festival, staged in association with The Mathew Street Festival. A five day event, all of the shows are free. Rinaldi Sings will be playing at Lennon’s at 6.45pm, followed by a return to the world famous Cavern Club for a headlining slot at 11.45pm. For more info about the IPO festival

Fri. May 20 2005


‘What’s It All About?’ has received a rave review on the Soho Strut website. Describing the album as “a gem”, the reviewer is quite forthright in his praise of the debut Rinaldi Sings album: “Steve Rinaldi, has carved out an impressive niche for himself. Just when the world was looking at guitar bands, along he comes, with brass and soul to wipe the slate clean.”

You can also find a really interesting interview with Steve Rinaldi on the same website, talking about the album, his musical influences, his previous career in The Moment and his love of film. Read the Steve Rinaldi interview here.

Fri. Apr 29 2005


Just a reminder that you can check out a full guide to every Rinaldi Sings gig, including reviews, set-lists and line-up, plus many live photos and concert posters at the Rinaldi Sings gig guide.

Thu. Apr 21 2005


There are very favourable reviews of both the debut Rinaldi Sings album and the new single ‘Come Fly With Me’ on the website. “A really nice collection of sunshine pop with a modern twist and excellent production that really makes it jump out of the stereo” says the review. Read the reviews of ‘What’s It All About?’ and the ‘Come Fly With Me’.

Thu. Apr 7 2005


The debut Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’ is reviewed in this month’s Uncut magazine. The three-star review reads as follows: “Coming on like a pre-Jude Law Alfie with a Pulp fixation, Steve Rinaldi leads an eight-piece band through bubblegum soul songs and Scott Walker-ish torch ballads (standout ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’) to rollicking effect. A real curio.”

The album also received a glowing four-star review in What’s On In London magazine.”This charming debut sits somewhere between the harder edged and super-earnest Dexy’s Midnight Runners and the ironic orchestral pop of The Divine Comedy,” reads the review. “The collection is stuffed with references to the iconography of Swinging London, starting with the obvious Alfie nod in the title: Rinaldi poses that question in the coda of the grin-inducing Mod mantra, ‘Heaven Knows’ (and the title of the song offers the endlessly ambiguous answer…). Another filmic homage comes with the thrilling Northern Soul dancer, ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’. You feel that David Niven, the star of that flick, would tap his toe elegantly to Steve Rinaldi’s sophisticated and yet heartfelt confection of the bubblegum pop of the likes of The Foundations (remember ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’?), and the timeless and poignant balladry of excellent tracks such ‘You’re Alive’ and ‘Come Again’. The ’60s revisited and revitalised.”


Rinaldi Sings will be playing two gigs in one day in Liverpool as part of the annual International Pop Overthrow festival. This year the IPO festival have teamed up with the City of Liverpool and The Mathew Street Festival, to make this event bigger and better than all previous events. Scheduled over five days in late May, all of the venues in the world famous Mathews Street will be utilised for the shows. Rinaldi Sings will be playing both of their gigs on Sunday May 29, kicking off at Lennon’s at 6.45pm, followed by a return to the world famous Cavern Club for a slot at 11.45pm. For more info about the IPO festival

Rinaldi Sings will also be playing another event related to the Mod Aid charity. The gig will be staged at Portsmouth’s South Parade Pier (where they filmed ‘Tommy’ apparently) on Sunday June 26. Rinaldi Sings will be second on the bill to Mark Joseph and his band. Other groups on the bill include Small World and Grasp.

Sat. Mar 26 2005


For those of you unable to tune in on the web last night to listen to Steve Rinaldi’s accoustic performance on BBC Radio Merseyside, the evening went well. Presenter Spencer Leigh played the new single ‘Come Fly With Me’, plus ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ from the ‘What’s It All About?’ album. The accoustic session and interview were divided into two sections, at the beginning and end of the show - with a long interview with Steve Ellis of the Love Affair sandwiched inbetween. Backed by Rinaldi Sings guitarist Chris Borsberry, Steve performed stripped down versions of ‘Lucky Day’ and ‘Happy’.

Steve Rinaldi will be making another accoustic appearance on Tuesday March 29 on Steve Foster’s BBC Radio Suffolk drivetime show. It is likely that Rinaldi Sings will perform at about 6.15pm. You can also listen online via the BBC Radio Suffolk website.

Thu. Mar 24 2005


If you are in the Merseyside area, listen out for Rinaldi Sings on Saturday evening as Steve Rinaldi and guitarist Chris Borsberry will be performing a live accoustic session on Spencer Leigh’s BBC Radio Merseyside show between 6pm and 8pm. You can also listen online via the BBC Radio Merseyside website.

Sun. Mar 20 2005


Rinaldi Sings have been receiving quite a lot of local press coverage in the wake of the release of ‘What’s It All About?’. One of the more interesting pieces was an interview in the Cambridge Evening News that covered the best part of a page. Read the interview online.

Fri. Mar 18 2005


You can now watch the video for the new Rinaldi Sings single ‘Come Fly With Me’ online in the Features section of the Rinaldi Sings website. An exercise in air travel kitsch, Steve Rinaldi stars as an airline pilot, with backing vocalist Rowan appearing as a retro-styled air stewardess. The video also boasts an array of classic ’60s aircraft, an appearance by Concorde, and it even features the very same model of BEA Trident that appears in the vintage photograph on the cover of the single. Watch the video…

The single features a completely different version of the song to the one issued on the ‘What’s It All About?’ album. It also features two other exciting tracks - ‘Romeo And Juliet’ and ‘Julie Barber’ - that are exclusive to the single, so make sure you order your copy today.

Tue. Mar 15 2005


Time Out magazine was full of praise for Steve Rinaldi in the run up to this Saturday’s gig at the Metro CLub in London’s Oxford Street: “Upbeat, melodic, brass-flecked easy listening and decidedly ’60s Cockernee-toned pop from the peculiar but very promising Steve Rinaldi.” Now that’s what we like to hear - a singer proud of being ‘peculiar’. It is possible to book advance tickets for the Rinaldi Sings show at the Metro, from or from

Thu. Mar 10 2005


The Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’ is reviewed in the Daily Mail on Friday March 11. “Singer and brass arranger Steve Rinaldi is a latter-day Mod fuelled by a desire to recreate Swinging London,” reads the three-star review by the Mail’s music columnist Adrian Thrills. “This album of time travel pop oozes with fab Sixties kitsch and wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a Carnaby Street boutique. Happy opens brightly enough and Come Again is a Blur-like ballad. As an exercise in nostalgia, this is carried off with care, affection and impeccable attention to detail.”

Wed. Mar 9 2005


The Rinaldi Sings album has been making the radio playlists - in Serbia! DJ Goran Obradovic has been playing album tracks on his Popism radio show. He has also reviewed the album for the Swedish based website “Get ready to enter the virtual streets of swinging London, yelling ‘Groovy baby, yeah’ from the top of your lungs!” reads the review. “Imagine The Mike Flowers Pops if it was deadly serious, or the Divine Comedy with Neil Hannon being much more authentic in his Bacharachian tribute.” Go to the site and check it out in the Reviews section.

We’ve also had requests for the album from radio shows in the States, while much closer to home, Steve Rinaldi will be doing a tour of local radio stations in the UK performing a short accoustic session to promote the album and single. Set up already are appearances on BBC Radio Suffolk and BBC Radio Merseyside. More news when we confirm the dates of the appearances.

Sun. Mar 6 2005


With the March 14 release of the second Rinaldi Sings single almost upon us, Tangerine Records have just been putting the final touches to the video for ‘Come Fly With Me’. Filmed last weekend, the video has something of a ‘aviation’ theme to it. “We did most of the video in a studio this time,” says Steve Rinaldi, “with me dressed up as an airline pilot and with our backing vocalist Rowan Fenner doing a very convincing retro/60s-looking air stewardess. We did one outside shoot, with me wandering about an airport location, filming both outside the planes and in them - no mean feat really as we didn’t have permission and I was dressed as a pilot. But thankfully we didn’t get caught and we got all the footage we needed to make a great video.”

The single is a considerably different version from the recording featured on the album, so it’s wll worth making sure that you get a copy of both - and in ‘Romeo And Juliet’ and ‘Julie Barber’, there are a couple of really strong extra tracks to make the purchase worthwhile.

Fri. Mar 4 2005


A fantastic performance from Steve Rinaldi and the band won over a discerning crowd at the Mod Aid 20 pre-launch party at the White Horse in High Wycombe. Rinaldi Sings ran through a 30-minute set in front of a fairly packed house as one of the evening’s main attractions. The crowd had earlier been entertained by short sets by several bands including Grasp, 17 Black and Small World, but by the time that Rinaldi Sings got to the cover version of ‘Everlasting Love’ midway through the set, Steve Rinaldi’s larrger-than-life showmanship had caught every eye in the house. Rinaldi Sings finished the set with ‘Heaven Knows’ and left the stage to allow recent chart star Mark Joseph to run through an assured accoustic set of songs from his album. After Mark’s set, Rinaldi Sings returned to the stage to encore with the Mod Aid charity record ‘What’cha Gonna Do About It’, and were joined on stage by Mark Joseph, Andy Ellison of John’s Children, Chris Philpott of Small World, a host of singers, and some thundering Hammond organ from 17 Black.

Sat. Feb 26 2005


It is possible to book advance tickets for the Rinaldi Sings shows in London and Haverhill. Tickets for the London show at the Metro Club on Saturday March 19 can be ordered from or from, while you can book your tickets for the gig at the Haverhill Arts Centre on Saturday April 9 by phoning 01440 714140.

Thu. Feb 24 2005


After last year’s glowing NME live review, Rinaldi Sings once again feature in the pages of Britain’s best rock weekly. The March 5 issue of the NME carries a review of the debut album, ‘What’s It All About?’: “An authentic trip round swinging Laandahn in the company of Steve Rinaldi - a man with a penchant for sunshiney pop and a voice only bettered by his ultra-sharp mohair suits.”


‘Come Fly With Me’ is to be released by Tangerine Records as the second Rinaldi Sings CD single on March 14. You can pre-order the single from record shops or from, but if you can’t wait, you can already buy the single from this website. The track is a completely different recording of the song from the one featured on the album - so don’t hesitate to buy both.

Tue. Feb 22 2005


Rinaldi Sings make their first live appearance of the year at the Bitterscene clubnight at the Bassment Club in Chelmsford on Wednesday February 23. Always one of Steve Rinaldi’s favourite venues to play because of the fantastic DJs, make sure you turn out to support the band. For more information about the venue and how to find it, go to

Wed. Feb 16 2005


The March issue of Record Collector carries a very favourable review of the debut Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’. The 3-star review by Alice Clark reads as follows: “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be… Scott Walker, Jarvis Cocker, Benice Bobs Her Hair-era Divine Comedy, My Life Story, Andy Williams… Rinaldi Sings, the ex-Moment member Steve Rinaldi’s solo vehicle isn’t just some sorry pastiche though. Instead it’s a modern day take on the kind of blue eyed soulful pop that made the play list at the latter day Wigan Casino. Rinaldi even covers Kiki Dee’s northern soul spin, ‘On A Magic Carpet Ride’. Elsewhere he turns in a spiffy rendition of Tony Christie’s ‘Avenues And Alleyways’, his vocal an almost deadringer for Jake Shillingford’s, while original material showcases a wry lyricist and talented arranger, especially on the joyously infectious horn blast of ‘Happy’.” Check it out in the latest issue.


This website is now selling the new Rinaldi Sings album online from the shop section. ‘What’s It All About?’ is not due to be released until Monday, but as a special gesture to regular readers of this website it is possible to order the album now. As a special incentive, we are offering an exclusive deal to enable readers to receive the second Rinaldi Sings single in advance of its release. ‘Come Fly With Me’ is not in the shops until March 14, but if you order the album and single together through this website, you can ensure that you will receive both releases immediately.

Tue. Feb 8 2005


The debut Rinaldi Sings album, ‘What’s It All About?’ is reviewed in the March issue of Rip & Burn, the “21st century music magazine” for the download generation. “Steve Rinaldi wants to recreate the cockney swagger of 60s swinging London,” it reads. “He might look like an estate agent… but in his mind at least, Mr Rinaldi is Michael Caine in The Italian Job… Deeply peculiar - a revival of the Easy Listening revival! The big band sound is undeniably cheery.”

A glowing review of the album can also be found in the March issue of Scootering magazine. “Powerfully delivered and passionately performed, Rinaldi Sings transport you back to the days when pop meant something…”

Despite not being released until later this month, US music journalist Dawn Eden included the Rinaldi Sings album in her Top 10 records of the year in the annual Music Critics’ Poll in the Village Voice. She also featured ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ in her favourite singles of the year. Check out Rinaldi Sings on the Village Voice website.

Thu. Feb 3 2005


Read what Steve Rinaldi had to say about his experiences at the recording of the Mod Aid 20 single on the features page of this website. Check out the pictures of Steve Rinaldi with Mark Joseph, PP Arnold and Reg Presley.


Rinaldi Sings have made the playlist section of the March issue of MOJO magazine. Voted for by readers of the MOJO website, ‘Lucky Day’ was a No.10 in the readers’ playlist. “The one track I can’t get off the CD deck at the moment,” it says. “It’s kind of David Bowie/Anthony Newley circa 1967/68″ The Rinaldi Sings album, ‘What’s It All About?’ has also made it into the playlists of the staff in the latest issue of GUITARIST magazine.

Sun. Jan 30 2005


Steve Rinaldi spent the weekend contributing to the recording of the Mod Aid 20 single, a cover version of the Small Faces’ ‘Whatcha Gonna Do About It’. Featuring a host of stars from 40 years of mod, the recording session boasted impressive vocal performances from PP Arnold, Chris Farlowe, Reg Presley of The Troggs, and Andy Ellison of John’s Children. It all featured original Small Faces keyboard player Jimmy Winston, who had played on the hit version of the song 40 years earlier. Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones and Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Craddock turned up to lay down the guitar parts, while representing the newest generation of talent were current hot ticket Mark Joseph and Steve Rinaldi, who added trombone and backing vocals. Rinaldi Sings trumpet player Tim Pannell also joined the five-piece brass section for the day.

The recording featured contributions from members of the Purple Hearts, The Chords and Secret Affair, while the biggest surprise came when Steve Marriott’s daughter Molly Marriott turned up to lay down a lead vocal on b-side track ‘Afterglow’, recording her version of the song on what would have been her father’s 58th birthday.

Steve Rinaldi: “It was an enjoyable occasion as some very talented singers and musicians left their egos at the door and chipped in to make this record for such a worthy cause. It was also an amazing experience because although the recording was long and tiring, everyone pitched in and some great friendships were forged. I can only speak for myself but getting to know PP Arnold and Mark Joseph made the day particularly special - both of them spent nearly two days in the studio, both made a sensational vocal contribution and both spent a lot of time encouraging the performances of the other artists. Spending that much time chatting to PP Arnold was an amazing experience - she’s a fantastic lady and remains one of my favourite singers. I also enjoyed swapping experiences with Mark Joseph, a tremendously talented singer/songwriter. I’d never met him before, but I’m defintiely going to be in the front row when he next plays.”

A release date has yet to be finalised for the record, but proceeds will be split between the Band Aid charity and the Tsunami Appeal.

Wed. Jan 26 2005


With the release date of the debut Rinaldi Sings album drawing closer, Steve Rinaldi has been back into the studio to record a new version of ‘Come Fly With Me’ for release as a single by Tangerine Records. Written by Steve Rinaldi and substantially different from the forthcoming album version of the song, the single has a provisional release date of March 14. To give fans full value for money, the new ‘Come Fly With Me’ will be coupled with two previously unreleased songs, ‘Romeo And Juliet’ and ‘Julie Barber’.

Northern soul stomper ‘Romeo And Juliet’ was part of the original album recording session but was held over when single ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ made the final cut, while ‘Julie Barber’ was recorded soon afterwards for use as a b-side. Both songs were co-written by cult singer/songwriter Paul Bevoir, who worked on the album as part of the production team. The songs started life as Steve Rinaldi compositions, but so impressed was Bevoir that he added lyrics to the verses of the unfinished songs while recording was underway (as he did with album track ‘This Time Tomorrow’). Both songs make the three-track single an exciting proposition.

While in the studio with producer Ian Shaw working on the new version of ‘Come Fly With Me’, Steve also recorded a radical reworking of the Redskins song ‘Hold On’ for a forthcoming Redskins tribute album, to be released by Redstar Recordings.

Mon. Jan 3 2005


Although not released until February 2005, one rock critic has already included the debut Rinaldi Sings album in her Top 10 releases of last year. American music journalist Dawn Eden included the Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About’ at No.9 in her Top 10 vote for the Village Voice magazine’s annual ‘Pazz & Jop’ music critics’ poll. She also included ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ at No.6 in her Top 10 singles selection.

Fri. Dec 24 2004


Music journalist and author Paolo Hewitt gave the Rinaldi Sings album track ‘On A Magic Carpet Ride’ it’s first club spin last night while DJing at Gary Crowley’s Where The Action Is club night at The Social. “The songs are melodic and beautifully constructed,” was his first reaction to an album he described as “compulsive stuff”. The track was well received in the packed club, helped on by a group of Rinaldi Sings regulars in a crowd that also included Buzzcock Steve Diggle and Simon Dine of Noonday Underground.

Sun. Dec 19 2004


The debut Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’ will be released by Tangerine Records on February 21, 2005. The tracklisting will be as follows…
1. Happy (Rinaldi)
2. On A Magic Carpet Ride (Randazzo/Pike)
3. Rollercoaster (Rinaldi)
4. Come Fly With Me (Rinaldi)
5. You’re Alive (Rinaldi)
6. Lucky Day (Rinaldi)
7. Melody (Rinaldi)
8. Come Again (Rinaldi)
9. A Matter Of Life And Death (Rinaldi)
10. This Time Tomorrow (Rinaldi/Bevoir)
11. Avenues & Alleyways (Murray/Callendar)
12. Heaven Knows (Rinaldi)
You will be able to order the album at any record shop through Shellshock Distribution, through online outlets like, and online direct from this website.

Mon. Dec 6 2004


The release date of ‘What’s It All About?’, the debut album by Rinaldi Sings, will be February 21, 2005. Tangerine Records will shortly have finished copies back from the pressing plant and will be commencing the press campaign in January. The final tracklisting and the album cover artwork will be unveiled on this website just before Christmas. You will be able to advance order the album from the New Year onwards, both direct from this website and through all the usual outlets.

After a break from gigging of six months since their last live appearance at the 100 Club, the band will be emabarking on a series of live shows to support the release of the album through late February and March. A full list will be published here when confirmed, but dates so far definte are headlining shows at The Bitterscene Club @ The Bassment, Chelmsford (Feb.23) and Haverhill Arts Centre (April 9). Soon we will confirm additional gigs in London, Colchester, Cambridge and Chippenham in Wiltshire.

Wed. Nov 3 2004


Rinaldi Sings have asked to record a song for a forthcoming Redskins tribute album. “We’ve been asked to record a version of ‘Hold On’,” says Steve Rinaldi. “I’m playing with some arrangements at the moment, and if I can come up with something that makes the song work in a Rinaldi Sings style then we’ll be going into the studio to record it. I’ve always been a big fan of The Redskins.”

Wed. Sep 29 2004


Check out the new poll at the Rinaldi Sings Discussion Forum. With the first anniversary of the band’s debut gig coming up in December, the Forum is asking people to vote for their favourite Rinaldi Sings live track. You can vote for any of the songs that have been performed live by Steve and the boys since their first gig in Cambridge in December 2004. Register at the Rinaldi Sings Forum and go to the Polls page.

Tue. Aug 31 2004


Check out this week’s NME (cover date September 4, 2004) which carries a glowing live review of the band’s recent gig at the 100 Club in London. “Welcome to the surrealist splendour of Rinaldi Sings,” offers the review, namechecking Jarvis Cocker and Michael Caine’s Get Carter character along the way, before concluding with a question. “Is Rinaldi a sardonic, modern day Neil Hannon, or as a final epic ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ suggests, a cocksure 21st Century Scott Walker.”

Know the answer? Let the NME letters page know at

Sat. Aug 28 2004


Steve Rinaldi currently features in a new photographic exhibition, Uptown, at the Cabaret Voltaire Gallery in Colchester. Spotted by photographer Judy Payne at the band’s gig in the town in May, Steve was asked to participate in a project that was to feature various “interesting looking people” shot in and around the Colchester area.

Photographer Judy Payne had been so impressed with Steve’s natural ’60s style that she crafted a quite deliberate ‘Alfie’ look for some of the sessions. And to thank Steve for his participation in the shoot, at the launch party she presented Steve with an original release copy of Michael Crawford singing John Barry’s theme song to the 1964 movie classic ‘The Knack… And How To Get It’.

The other ‘models’ in the exhibition included Radio 2 DJ and former ’70s Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley. Both Steves - Harley and Rinaldi - spent some time chatting together at the launch party.

If anyone would like to see the exhibition, it will run at the Cabaret Voltaire Gallery in Church Walk, Colchester, from August 28 to October 8. Admission is free.

Fri. Aug 27 2004


As Steve Rinaldi starts gearing up for the release of the debut Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’, the big question still to be decided is what song to release as the second single. ‘Happy’, ‘Rollercoaster’, ‘Melody’, ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and ‘You’re Alive’ have all at some point been considered for the coveted A-side spot, but we’re now opening the debate wider and asking the readers of to have their say. Please visit the Guestbook and make it known which of the songs from the band’s live set you’d like to see as a single.

Sat. Aug 21 2004


A new Rinaldi Sings fan site has just been brought to our attention and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the story of Rinaldi Sings on the live stage. The site lists every gig that the band has played, and details every set list and the line-up for each gig. There are also a handful of live photos that we’ve not seen before and it displays some of the more interesting gig posters. Check out the site

Tue. Jul 13 2004


Rinaldi Sings will be back on the live stage in London on August 13, supporting The Affair at the 100 Club in Oxford Street. The band will be onstage at about 8.30pm, so make sure you get there in good time. For those of you who can’t wait, you will have a chance to see Steve Rinaldi’s trombone skills this month, as he will be making a guest appearance with Long Tall Shorty at the Borderline in Charing Cross Road on Saturday July 17.


Steve Rinaldi and his deejaying sidekick Graeme Atkins host yet another of their Floorshakers clubnights on Friday July 16. Last month Rinaldi Sings played an unanounced warm-up gig at the club, but this Friday will be a regular club night, with Steve and Graeme playing a mix of Northern Soul faves, Motown, and Sixties pop classics. Floorshakers can be found at Needles cellar bar, Clipstone Street. The club will be open from 8pm until 1am and entry is 3. The nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street or Oxford Circus.

Wed. May 26 2004


The debut Rinaldi Sings single ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ was featured by radio DJ Gary Crowley as one of his three singles of the week on his BBC Radio London website. Having been played several times on his show, the band found themselves listed alongside The Beta Band and The Dead 60s as one of Crowley’s three “Choice Cuts - this week’s top tuneage on the turntables at Crowley Towers”.

A fantastic plug for the single, Gary Crowley says: “These guys, led by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, take their inspiration from classic pop and Northern Soul. It’s an ambitious sound they go for, not a million miles away from the seam that My Life Story were mining a few years back. ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ is a cover of an old Tony Christie song that was the theme tune to the 70s cult tv show The Protectors. Nice.”

The BBC Radio London website also includes a live review of the band’s recent gig at The Garage. Read the BBC London live review.

Sun. May 16 2004


In its first week of release, it appears that the debut Rinaldi Sings single is picking up radio airplay around the country. Gary Crowley has been championing the CD on his BBC London radio show, while Spencer Leigh has given the CD a spin on Radio Merseyside.

Slowly but surely the band are picking up fans - and journalist Paolo Hewitt was among the crowd at last Monday’s show at The Garage in Islington.

Sun. May 9 2004


‘Avenues & Alleyways’ is finally released on Monday May 10 - and the band will be celebrating with a launch party at Upstairs At The Garage. Doors open at 8pm. Support band Kelly’s Heels will be on at 8.45pm and Rinaldi Sings are onstage at 10pm. Djs Gary Malby and Rodders will be spinning a selection of beat and soul classics for the remainder of the evening.

Sun. May 2 2004


It looks highly likely that Rinaldi Sings will be a last minute addition to the bill of the Camber Sands scooter rally, as main support act to The Selecter. The band had been booked to play at the November event at Hembsy, but a change of plans by the promoters has led to a slot opening up at the summer event on Friday July 2. As soon as the contract is signed, we will bring you the news here.

The band are looking forward to the gig. “Playing in front of a couple of thousand people will be fun,” says Steve, “but so will playing as a support act. Although we’ve been gigging for six months now, we have never supported anyone yet, so this will be a new experience for us!”


The release date of the first Rinaldi Sings single has been delayed by one further week to allow the distributors to get it into the shops okay. It will now be released on May 10, but you can order it now from all good record shops - just tell them the catalogue number and that it is distributed by Shellshock. If any record shops have any trouble ordering it for you, please let us know and we will pass the information on to our distributors. It is also possible to order the CD from this website and from

Wed. Apr 21 2004

Into The Top 20?

After spending much of the last fortnight in the Pre-release Singles Top 20, Rinaldi Sings have debuted in another industry chart. This week ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ is the second highest new entry in the web-based FutureChart Top 20. Entering at No.17, Rinaldi Sings find themselves sandwiched between The Charlatans and Ronan Keating - we don’t think it means a slot on Top Of The Pops though! Visit the Future Chart site

For those of you who want to read a little more about Steve, check out the May issue of Scootering, which features a Rinaldi Sings interview.

Fri. Apr 16 2004


With word spreading fast about their debut single, this week Rinaldi Sings had a phone call from legendary music journalist Paolo Hewitt to say how much he enjoyed the record. Likening Steve Rinaldi to a young David Bowie, he was particularly complimentary about the two original compositions on the CD and seemed quite keen to check out the band on the live stage at some point in the future.

The single is released on May 3 - and it is possible to advance order it through this website, from, or from any record shop (tell them that it is distributed by Shellshock). For the past week the single has been riding high in the hot pre-release singles charts, peaking at No.9 - just behind The Charlatans. So keep ordering it.

Thu. Apr 8 2004


Rinaldi Sings celebrate the imminent release of their debut single with a gig at the Man On The Moon in Cambridge on Wednesday April 14. DJs Gary Malby & Rodders of Something Big will be spinning the discs, and the support will be Loop, a new band containing two members of mid ’90s underground Brit Pop band The Traceys. Doors open at 8pm, so get yourself down to the Man On The Moon for a great night out.

Sat. Apr 3 2004


In the hope that we will enthuse you enough to run down to the nearest HMV, Our Price, Tower or Virgin to place your advance order for the debut Rinaldi Sings single, we’re giving you the chance for a sneak preview of the video. Directed by Edward Ball, starring Steve Rinaldi and featuring a host of cameo appearances, the eight-minute film is now being screened on this website. View the ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ video here.

Tue. Mar 30 2004


Remember to tune in to BBC Radio Suffolk at 6.40pm on Thursday April 1 to hear Steve Rinaldi and guitarist Chris Borsberry performing acoustic versions of future album tracks ‘You’re Alive’ and ‘Come Again’ on Steve Foster’s Drivetime show. If you’re within range of the tranmitters you can find the show on the following wavelengths: FM 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6. And for those in the area, on Saturday April 3 the band will be playing at the Drum & Monkey in Ipswich.

Sat. Mar 27 2004


Rinaldi Sings will be hitting the road through May to promote the April 19 release of their single ‘Avenues & Alleyways’. Gigs so far pencilled in include a headlining appearance at popular indie night Purr at Moles Club in Bath on May 13. It also looks likely that the band will be topping the bill at Upstairs At The Garage in London on May 10, with the possibility of a gig at The Soundhouse in Colchester on May 20, although this has yet to be confirmed. This is in addition to the gig already booked at The Cavern in Liverpool on May 14. Anyone interested in coming to gigs in these areas, get in touch with us through the website or post on the guestbook – it’s nice to see if we’re arranging gigs in the right locations. And if you can suggest any other clubs we should be playing in, let us know.

A support band has been added onto the bill of the gig in Cambridge at The Man On The Moon on April 14 – opening for Rinaldi Sings will be energetic guitar pop outfit, Loop, featuring two ex-members of popular underground Britpop band The Traceys. As usual the DJs will be Gary Malby & Rodders from Something Big.

Thu. Mar 25 2004


Several weeks before its release, ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ has received its first review - and it’s a good one. The April issue of Scootering magazine has the debut Rinaldi Sings CD as its Single Of The Month, comparing Steve’s voice to that of a young David Bowie or Anthony Newley. “An uplifting blend of blue-eyed (Northern) soul and classic goodtime British guitar pop,” says the review. It also describes the record as a “storming singalong” and a “potential anthem”, predicting that it “could become an underground monster tune”. That’s what we like to hear! There will a Rinaldi Sings interview published in the May issue of the magazine.

Wed. Mar 24 2004


To promote their gig in Ipswich, Rinaldi Sings will appearing on BBC Radio Suffolk next week. Steve Rinaldi and guitarist Chris Borsberry will be the guests on Steve Foster’s Drivetime show, performing a couple of acoustic numbers and talking about the release of the band’s debut single, ‘Avenues & Alleyways’. So if you are within range of the Radio Suffolk transmitters (FM 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6), tune in at about 6.40pm on Thursday April 1.


Steve Rinaldi and his deejaying sidekick Graeme Atkins host the second of their Floorshakers clubnights on Friday March 26. Playing a mix of Northern Soul faves, Motown, and Sixties pop classics, Floorshakers can be found at Needles cellar bar, Clipstone Street. The club will be open from 8pm until 1am and entry is 3. The nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street or Oxford Circus. So if you want to see Steve Rinaldi swapping his mic and trombone for a set of decks, get on down there.

Mon. Mar 22 2004


In the run up to their gig at The Cavern Club in Liverpool on May 14, Rinaldi Sings will be going into the BBC Radio Liverpool studios to perform a couple of acoustic numbers on the Saturday evening show. They will also be playing two tracks from the single - and giving the gig a significant plug.

The band are also inviting regular readers of the Rinaldi Sings website to decide which songs from the live set they should perform acoustically on the radio. Send us your opinions via the Contact section of the website or post your votes on the guestbook.

Fri. Mar 12 2004


The band’s gig supporting Small World at the Rhythm Factory in London has been moved from May 20 to June 10. The line-up remains unchanged, but the promoters were forced to move the date when The Libertines decided that they wanted to play at the venue on the same night.


Rinaldi Sings have finally confirmed their gig at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. The band will play at the venue on Friday May 14, supported by various 60s beat & soul DJs. The line-up of DJs will be announced later. Any locals bands, DJs or promoters who would like to get involved with the gig, please get in touch with Rinaldi Sings through this website.

There will also be a gig on April 3 at the Drum & Monkey in Ipswich, supported by The Getaway, a spin-off group from The Beatniks, who recently played with Rinaldi Sings in Bury St Edmunds.

Fri. Mar 5 2004


After a slow start in front of an indie audience initially uncertain of what to make of Rinaldi Sings, the band pulled off another tremendous performance last night at the Prior’s Inn in Bury St Edmunds and turned the crowd round before the end of the set, Steve Rinaldi leaving the stage to a standing ovation after yet another storming version of ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and the wonderful finale that is ‘Heaven Knows’. Trumpet player Tim Pannell and saxman Andy Brush were in outstanding form, with their impressive duelling solos during ‘A Matter Life And Death’ challenging Steve’s blistering trombone for the centre of the stage.

The band were happy with their performance - and, compared to the Dublin Castle the previous night the sound was excellent, promoter & soundman Jason (of popular indie band The Secret Hairdresser) attempting to go for an authentic ‘Wigan’ vibe.

Thanks to The Beatniks for supporting - and to all the people for making the journey to Bury St Edmunds for the evening, including Greg from The Dawn Parade and all the Rinaldi Sings fans from Newmarket, Haverhill, Hornchurch and Diss.

Thu. Mar 4 2004


Last night Rinaldi Sings made a successful debut London appearance at the Dublin Castle in Camden - despite the fact that the evening was very nearly scuppered by a defective bass guitar. After taking to the stage to a tremendous response from a crowd numbering well over 100 punters, the band were forced to delay the start of the set by 15 minutes while making last minute repairs to Tim Charlton’s bass guitar. Battling against a poor sound, the band got fully into their stride by about the third number and by the end of the set they had won the crowd over. Steve Rinaldi’s performance was at its most self-assured and the band were joined onstage for the first time by backing vocalist Rowen Fenner, an occasional member of the Rinaldi Sings ensemble.

Steve was particularly please to see among the crowd some of the musicians and producers that he’s worked with over the years, including Paul Bultitude, Edward Ball, Anthony Meynell, Ian Shaw and Matthew Wiles. “Despite the nightmare opening to the set I really enjoyed the gig,” said Steve Rinaldi. “It was also nice to see a few faces in the crowd that I recognised from last week’s gig in Chelmsford. We must be doing something right if people are coming back for more.”

Anyone attending tonight’s show in Bury St Edmunds should be aware that Tim will be playing his other bass guitar!

Mon. Mar 1 2004


Just a reminder that Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at 10pm at The Dublin Castle in Camden on Wednesday and at 10.15pm at the Priors Inn in Bury St Edmunds on Thursday.

Sun. Feb 29 2004


Rinaldi Sings have been approached about playing at the Hemsby scooter rally on the weekend on November 5 & 6 2004. Arrangements have yet to be finalised but we will bring you more news as soon as final details have been confirmed. In the meantime, pencil the weekend into your diaries.

Steve Rinaldi also did his first interview with Scootering magazine this week. Keep an eye out for the feature in the April issue of the magazine.

Sat. Feb 28 2004


Rinaldi Sings have been booked to play supporting Small World at the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel, London. The gig, on Thursday May 20, will be the band’s first gig not as a headlining atrraction, but Steve Rinaldi is looking forward to his debut support slot. “I’ve always admired Small World and it will be a pleasure to play on the same stage,” he said. “I recently was able to hear some of their most recent recordings, which sound fantastic. I’m sure it will be a great night.”

Fri. Feb 27 2004


Rinaldi Sings gear up for their first London show at the Dublin Castle in Camden on Wednesday March 3. Doors open at 8pm and Kelly’s Heels kick off the evening at 9pm. Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at about 10pm (and for those catching trains, will be offstage by 11pm). The DJs for the evening are Gary Malby, Rodders and Lois Wilson of MOJO magazine - the venue is open until 1am and we’ll be spinning records as long as anyone wants to listen. Get down there - it’s going to be a great night!

Wed. Feb 25 2004


Rinaldi Sings played a successful second gig at the Bassment Club in Chelmsford last night. Performing at the regular monthly Bitterscene club night, the band cruised through an entertaining set to a particularly discerning crowd of music lovers. Playing a set fairly similar to their debut gig in December, the running order this time featured ‘Come Again’, another track from the forthcoming album ‘What’s It All About’, while the cover version of ‘White Horse’ was drastically rearranged from their previous rock version. The performance both started and finished with the single, ‘Avenues & Alleyways’. A full review of the gig will follow later.

A great night was made even better by the setting - the venue was perfect and the DJs played an enjoyable selections of ’60s, soul and garage sounds. So well done to Paul, Jackie and Paul of the Bitterscene crew. Invite us back some time - and we hope to see some of your crowd at the Dublin Castle in Camden on March 3!

Sat. Feb 21 2004


‘Avenues & Alleyways’ will be the debut single by Rinaldi Sings, released by Tangerine Records on April 5, 2004. A cover version of the Tony Christie classic made famous as the theme tune to ’70s cult TV show The Protectors, ‘Avenues & Alleyways’ will be available as a CD single accompanied by two Steve Rinaldi compositions ‘Lucky Day’ and ‘If She’s Gonna Want You’. The single will be distributed nationwide - if not stocked by your local record shop, they can order it through distributors Shellshock. The catalogue number is TANGCDS 015.

“I’m really excited about the single,” says Steve Rinaldi. “When we started work on the song it was only scheduled to be the extra track on a B-side, but the longer we worked on the song, the scope of it just grew and grew. In the end we must have had about 10 musicians making guest appearances and by the time we had finished the session, it had turned in to one monster of a single.”

Sun. Feb 15 2004


Four months after playing their debut gig at The Man On The Moon in Cambridge, Rinaldi Sings are returning to the venue to promote the release of their forthcoming single on Tangerine Records. The gig is scheduled for Wednesday April 14, 2004 - and Rinaldi Sings are interested in hearing from any bands local to the area who might be interested in playing a support set.

Tue. Jan 27 2004


With headlining gigs on the schedule in London, Chelmsford and Bury St Edmunds, Rinaldi Sings are just in the process of finalizing a gig at The Cavern in Liverpool for sometime in late March. The band would be interested in hearing from any local DJs or bands who might be interested in a supporting slot, or from anyone able to help in publicizing the event in the Liverpool area.


Rinaldi Sings have just confirmed the line-up for their first London show on March 3, 2004. The band will be joined at the Dublin Castle by the highly impressive power pop outfit, Kelly’s Heels. Fronted by Bob Kelly, formerly of psychedelic beat group The Ashes, Kelly’s Heels have just released the album ‘Three Chord Brag’ on Warmfuzz.

To make the party atmosphere just that bit special at the Dublin Castle, the two bands will be supported by a selection of Sixties beat and soul sounds, courtesy of DJ Gary Malby and Lois Wilson of MOJO magazine.

Tue. Jan 20 2004

DJ Rinaldi

Rinaldi Sings got off to a flying start to 2004, beginning the year by filming the opening scenes of the video for their debut single.

Steve Rinaldi is also busy preparing for the opening of his brand new monthly central London club night, Floorshakers. Kicking off for the first time on Friday January 23, 2004, if you fancy checking out the mix of Northern faves, Motown, and Sixties pop classics, head to Floorshakers at Needles cellar bar, Clipstone Street. The club will be open from 8pm until 1am and entry is 3. DJs are Steve Rinaldi and Greame Atkins from Superfly. The nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street or Oxford Circus.

Fri. Dec 5 2003

On The Ball

Edward Ball has become a firm fan of Rinaldi Sings. The former Creation Records artist and pop art agent provocateur has posted his own personal message on the Rinaldi Sings guestbook.

“This guy’s definitely got it,” he says of Steve Rinaldi. “I know a thing or two about presence. When you’ve worked up-close with Gillespie or a Gallagher you tend to recognise these things.” High praise indeed from the doyen of the DIY set.

Edward Ball is shortly to be working with Rinaldi Sings on a short movie project. Read Edward Ball’s comments in full here.

Wed. Dec 3 2003

Debut Gig

Rinaldi Sings played their debut gig at The Man On The Moon in Cambridge tonight. An enthusiastic crowd of about 80 witnessed Steve Rinaldi and the band play an entertaining set of originals from their forthcoming album ‘What’s It All About?’, with a few choice covers thrown in for good measure, including ‘Everlasting Love’, ‘On A Magic Carpet Ride’ and ‘Avenues And Alleyways’. The highlight of the show was their blistering charge through album track ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’. Check out the full report here.

Live In London

Rinaldi Sings have scheduled a London show for Wednesday March 3 at the Dublin Castle in Camden. The gig will be part of a short tour to promote the release of the band’s first single on Tangerine Records. Other earlier London dates may still be added to the tour. Support acts have yet to be confirmed and more details will follow.

Sat. Nov 22 2003

For The Record

The first Rinaldi Sings single looks set to be scheduled for a February 2004 release on Tangerine Records. The exact song has yet to be confirmed but it will definitely be a track from the band’s already recorded ‘What’s It All About?’ album. The single will be supported by a short tour around the country and a London show. The album will follow later in the year.

Sat. Nov 15 2003

Rinaldi Proves It

Steve Rinaldi picked up his trombone for the first time in a little while to make a guest appearance on ‘Prove it’, the latest single by Ian Page & The Affair. Steve also played with the band at their recent gigs at the 100 Club in London and The Cavern in Liverpool. “Watching Ian perform is always a pleasure, but playing alongside that sax legend Dave Winthrop really was an honour,” said Steve. “I really enjoyed the gigs and hopefully Rinaldi Sings will be playing with The Affair at some point next year.”

Fri. Nov 14 2003

Video Stars

Rinaldi Sings are soon due to start working on a short promotional film to be directed by Edward Ball. A former Creation Records star and frontman of The Times, Ball is currently scouting for suitably filmic locations for the minor masterpiece. “I’ve been to various sites, including Maryon Park where they filmed ‘Blow Up’,” said Ed Ball. “It looks perfect for Rinaldi Sings.”

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