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Friday December 10, 2010
Rinaldi Sings + Kelly's Heels,
Hawthorne Studio
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,
Price: £8.00

Rinaldi Sings New SingleRinaldi Sings is the name assumed by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, who was famously described by the NME as a "cocksure 20th Century Scott Walker". He plays a stylish brand of pop that acknowledges a deep debt to the bubblegum northern soul of the late Sixties.

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Tue. Aug 31 2004


Check out this week’s NME (cover date September 4, 2004) which carries a glowing live review of the band’s recent gig at the 100 Club in London. “Welcome to the surrealist splendour of Rinaldi Sings,” offers the review, namechecking Jarvis Cocker and Michael Caine’s Get Carter character along the way, before concluding with a question. “Is Rinaldi a sardonic, modern day Neil Hannon, or as a final epic ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ suggests, a cocksure 21st Century Scott Walker.”

Know the answer? Let the NME letters page know at GoPostal@NME.com

Sat. Aug 28 2004


Steve Rinaldi currently features in a new photographic exhibition, Uptown, at the Cabaret Voltaire Gallery in Colchester. Spotted by photographer Judy Payne at the band’s gig in the town in May, Steve was asked to participate in a project that was to feature various “interesting looking people” shot in and around the Colchester area.

Photographer Judy Payne had been so impressed with Steve’s natural ’60s style that she crafted a quite deliberate ‘Alfie’ look for some of the sessions. And to thank Steve for his participation in the shoot, at the launch party she presented Steve with an original release copy of Michael Crawford singing John Barry’s theme song to the 1964 movie classic ‘The Knack… And How To Get It’.

The other ‘models’ in the exhibition included Radio 2 DJ and former ’70s Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley. Both Steves - Harley and Rinaldi - spent some time chatting together at the launch party.

If anyone would like to see the exhibition, it will run at the Cabaret Voltaire Gallery in Church Walk, Colchester, from August 28 to October 8. Admission is free.

Fri. Aug 27 2004


As Steve Rinaldi starts gearing up for the release of the debut Rinaldi Sings album ‘What’s It All About?’, the big question still to be decided is what song to release as the second single. ‘Happy’, ‘Rollercoaster’, ‘Melody’, ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and ‘You’re Alive’ have all at some point been considered for the coveted A-side spot, but we’re now opening the debate wider and asking the readers of RinaldiSings.com to have their say. Please visit the Guestbook and make it known which of the songs from the band’s live set you’d like to see as a single.

Sat. Aug 21 2004


A new Rinaldi Sings fan site has just been brought to our attention and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the story of Rinaldi Sings on the live stage. The site lists every gig that the band has played, and details every set list and the line-up for each gig. There are also a handful of live photos that we’ve not seen before and it displays some of the more interesting gig posters. Check out the site

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