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Friday December 10, 2010
Rinaldi Sings + Kelly's Heels,
Hawthorne Studio
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,
Price: £8.00

Rinaldi Sings New SingleRinaldi Sings is the name assumed by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, who was famously described by the NME as a "cocksure 20th Century Scott Walker". He plays a stylish brand of pop that acknowledges a deep debt to the bubblegum northern soul of the late Sixties.

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Fri. Jun 24 2005


If you’re watching to TV coverage of Glastonbury at the weekend, keep an eye out for Rinaldi Sings guitarist Chris Borsberry. Chris is currently spending three months in the band of Thai rock sensation Sek Loso, who will be playing on the John Peel stage of the Glastonbury festival on Sunday. But don’t look for Chris on guitar. As the band already includes former Oasis mainstay Bonehead on guitar, Chris will be playing bass. On the same evening as playing Glastonbury, the Sek Loso band will also take part in the Meltdown Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, before heading off for a month long tour of the USA. We hope Chris has a fantastic time and in the meantime Tim Pannell will continue to do a sterling job of keeping Chris’s guitar amp warm for him!

Tue. Jun 21 2005


Rinaldi Sings have a busy weekend as they will be playing two gigs. If you’re thinking of attending, all the information you should need is as follows. On Saturday (June 25) the band will be playing at the Bullingdon Arms (The Bully) in Oxford. The address of the venue is 162 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UE and doors open at 9pm. Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at approximately 11pm. The band will be playing an extended set and debuting a new song.

On Sunday (June 26) Rinaldi Sings will be playing at the ‘Come Together’/Mod Aid 20 charity concert at the South Parade Pier, Portsmouth. Doors open at 3pm and Rinaldi Sings will be onstage at 8.50pm, sandwiched between Small World (8.15pm) and headline attraction Mark Joseph (9.30pm). Bands on the bill earlier in the day include Grasp, RT4 and Fay Hallam. The Rinaldi Sings line-up for Sunday will be the extended eight-piece ensemble, with Rowan making one of her intermittent appearances on backing vocals and two trumpet players completing a four-piece brass section for the evening. Alan Groom will be making his debut with the band on trumpet - formerly a live member of The Moment, Alan was also the featured trumpet player on the band’s single ‘One, Two They Fly’.

Wed. Jun 8 2005


With Rinaldi Sings guitarist Chris Borsberry out of the country for several months, the recent gigs at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool saw the band’s trumpet player Tim Pannell switch to lead guitar. “Tim sometimes plays rhythm guitar on songs when he’s not playing trumpet, but in Liverpool he did a really good job of keeping Chris Borsberry’s seat warm,” said Steve Rinaldi. “He also played guitar on our recent BBC Radio Suffolk session when Chris wasn’t available.”

At the first of the two shows in Liverpool, Tim’s trumpet parts were covered by the addition of soprano sax player Scott Brooker, playing alongside Andy Brush on tenor sax (Scott was making his second appearance with the band as he had previously stood in when Andy Brush was out of the country with The Affair). For the headlining show at The Cavern later the same evening, Gavin Bowyer joined the band on trumpet, making this the first Rinaldi Sings performance to boast a four-piece brass section.

In the past drummer Richard Hunter has appeared live with the band on percussion, leaving only bassist Simon Lloyd and sax player Andy Brush yet to play more than one instrument for Rinaldi Sings.

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