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Friday December 10, 2010
Rinaldi Sings + Kelly's Heels,
Hawthorne Studio
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,
Price: £8.00

Rinaldi Sings New SingleRinaldi Sings is the name assumed by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, who was famously described by the NME as a "cocksure 20th Century Scott Walker". He plays a stylish brand of pop that acknowledges a deep debt to the bubblegum northern soul of the late Sixties.

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Wed. Aug 31 2005


Just like buses you wait for ages for a Podcast to feature your music and then two come along at once; Rinaldi Sings have been featured on a second Podcast this month. Coverville, an American website that the BBC recently ranked as one of the world’s six best amatuer Podcasters, has included the Rinaldi Sings version of ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ on its latest show. Coverville specialises in grouping together new and interesting cover versions of classic tunes, and the Rinaldi Sings tribute to Tony Christie is featured on Coverville Show No.126 alongside cover versions of The Beatles, A-Ha, The Church, ELO and They Might Be Giants. To listen go to www.Coverville.com.

Mon. Aug 22 2005


Rinaldi Sings have finally come into the world of the ‘Podcast’. For those of you not in the know, ‘podcasts’ are pre-recorded radio shows that you can download or listen to online. ‘Lucky Day’ has been selected from literally thousands of songs available to buy through Not Lame, one of the main US mailorder outlets for power pop and guitar music. The Rinaldi Sings album track features alongside seven other songs on the third Not Lame podcast. Also included are Kelly’s Heels, who have often shared a stage with Rinaldi Sings. Having listened to the 30-minute show I can say that presenter Brian Ibbott has picked some truly excellent songs and the show is really is well worth a listen - it seems like a great way to sample new music. Go to www.NotLame.com and click on the Podcast icon on the right of the page.


Rinaldi Sings are featured on a new compilation album on sale this month. Red Star Recordings have finally released their Various Artists collection, ‘Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins’, featuring cover versions of songs by the 80s agit-popsters. The CD features bands from all over the world and Rinaldi Sings contribute one track to the compilation, a stripped down rendition of the Redskins’ album track ‘Hold On’. You can order the CD from Red Star Recordings, from all the usual CD mail-order outlets, or you can buy it NOW from the Rinaldi Sings website for 9 (inc. P&P).

Sun. Aug 7 2005


With radio shows in Serbia, Portugal and America regularly playing tracks by Rinaldi Sings, it’s really good to see that the trend continues. For the second time in two weeks the band will be one of the featured artists on Japanese radio station Shonan Beach FM. On Friday August 12 the Yellow Beat show will be running the final feature introducing the ‘What’s It All About?’ album to their listeners. Shonan Beach is located just outside Tokyo and the show, which runs from 8pm-10pm Japanese time (UK: midday-2pm), will once again be opening up with ‘Happy’, and at approximately 9.07pm Japanese time (UK: 1.07pm) several tracks from ’side two’ of the album will be played. The chosen tracks are: ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’, ‘Melody’, ‘Come Again’ and ‘Heaven Knows’. Steve Rinaldi has recorded another special message for broadcast as part of the feature, testing his Japanese this time. The show broadcasts in both Japanese and English and can be listened to locally in the Shonan Beach area of Japan on 78.9MHz. It is also possible to listen to the show online

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