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Friday December 10, 2010
Rinaldi Sings + Kelly's Heels,
Hawthorne Studio
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,
Price: £8.00

Rinaldi Sings New SingleRinaldi Sings is the name assumed by singer/songwriter Steve Rinaldi, who was famously described by the NME as a "cocksure 20th Century Scott Walker". He plays a stylish brand of pop that acknowledges a deep debt to the bubblegum northern soul of the late Sixties.

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Sun. Mar 6 2005


With the March 14 release of the second Rinaldi Sings single almost upon us, Tangerine Records have just been putting the final touches to the video for ‘Come Fly With Me’. Filmed last weekend, the video has something of a ‘aviation’ theme to it. “We did most of the video in a studio this time,” says Steve Rinaldi, “with me dressed up as an airline pilot and with our backing vocalist Rowan Fenner doing a very convincing retro/60s-looking air stewardess. We did one outside shoot, with me wandering about an airport location, filming both outside the planes and in them - no mean feat really as we didn’t have permission and I was dressed as a pilot. But thankfully we didn’t get caught and we got all the footage we needed to make a great video.”

The single is a considerably different version from the recording featured on the album, so it’s wll worth making sure that you get a copy of both - and in ‘Romeo And Juliet’ and ‘Julie Barber’, there are a couple of really strong extra tracks to make the purchase worthwhile.

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